Pam Personette

Would you like to see extremely satisfied and repeat customers walk through your tasting room door?

Would you like to hear new customers say, “Our friends told us about their wonderful experience with you…and now we’re here!” ?

Would you like more wine club sign ups?

Imagine your customers walking into your tasting room and being treated like royalty by your tasting room staff! Imagine your tasting room staff turning a $25 sale into a $150 sale.

If your goals are to increase daily winery tasting room sales and sign up more wine club members, then let Illumination Hospitality Group present a workshop at your winery tasting room. Pamela Personette, Illumination Hospitality Group’s Director of Hospitality Training, will present her workshop to your tasting room floor staff, the people who are in direct and repeated contact with your customers. Through her workshops, Pamela will help you create the customer experience that will increase your tasting room sales, create brand ambassadors, and set you apart from your competitors.

Here’s how you can use Illumination Hospitality Group:


Customized Hospitality Workshops given on-site at your winery; pre-workshop consultation, in advance of your workshop, included.

Mystery Shopping

Pre-workshop mystery shops help us customize your workshop; monthly mystery shopping program keeps you on track.

What’s unique about Illumination Hospitality Group:

  • Pamela Personette, M.Ed., conducts all workshops.  Pamela is an educator. And she’s one of you!  She’s worked in numerous tasting rooms.  She knows what it’s like.  She knows what works and shows you how to increase sales.
  • Pamela is engaging, she’ll involve your staff in an exchange of ideas; she doesn’t use PowerPoint so falling asleep isn’t an option. This is a lively, down-to-earth, practical session.
  • Illumination Hospitality Group customizes our services to fit your specific needs.  We don’t just talk in theory.
  • Illumination Hospitality Group comes to you.  We present workshops in your setting, where you are comfortable.
  • Illumination Hospitality Group workshops are fun, interactive, and use real life examples to illustrate the points.
  • Illumination Hospitality Group includes acting improvisation exercises for team building and to illustrate key points!
Contact Pamela Personette by phone at (707) 935-9500 or send her an email. Tell her about your tasting room needs and together you can go from there!

People are talking about Illumination Hospitality Group!

Tasting room management is using Pamela Personette’s Wine Business Monthly article as part of their on-going tasting room training. “Rapport is the Core” details how winery staff can make a personal connection with each customer, listen to each customer’s wants and thereby increase daily sales. Read  “Rapport is the Core”  in Wine Business Monthly. You’ll learn one important technique. Attend a workshop and learn the full range of hospitality and sales techniques that will move you toward your goal of making your customers happy and selling more wine.


What People are Saying:

It is with great pleasure  that I recently had the opportunity to attend a hospitality group workshop  conducted by Pamela Personette. After being in the wine industry for 32 years,  you always wonder if there is something new and exciting that you can learn and  apply to your work with the public. Lo and behold, there is not a whole lot of  new information but so much of what you know and have learned over the years  does gets forgotten and not used. The very next time I was able to re-try some  of the techniques taught in the class, I got immediate response.
Melinda KlescewskiManagerChateau Julien® Wine EstateWine Collector Program